ABSTRACT [fr. abstrait]

Figuration is not the opposite of abstraction.
Emergency is the opposite of abstraction.
We don’t want to show compositions
that make people dream
and make them imagine what they want.
We are not in Emergency Room
to make people forget what they are
or what they are surrounded by.
On the contrary.
We want them to stare and perceive fully
what is going on outside their ego
and what they are complice with
and responsible of.
We want to point at that.
As sharp as possible.
As loud as possible.
We think we have to give opinions as elaborate as possible.
We don’t do art that is suggestive.
Art that can be equally left or right.
Art that can be cynical and humanistic at the same time.
Art without a grab for us is bullshit
salesman’s tricks.
We are allergic to art made by artist afraid of loosing customers.

What you see on your left
is not what you see on your right
will say Wilson Lincoln
or Lincoln Wilson.

In Emergency Room we want to line up arguments
Give us
les armes du crime
the names of the guilty ones
Comfort the victims
Confront the criminals
We want impact art
We don’t want to give a smell of bien être
but we want to insist on the cases
insist on the sickness.
We don’t do some kind of Buddha Bar Muzak
so everyone feels good and feels like buying
feels like net-working
We want the observers
(burning as well now)
to run out of Emergency Room
and start the revolution.
Emergency room should not offer relaxation to be able to survive
(relax from what?).

We are not like poor Brazilians from favellas
living in misery
and having carnival art only once a year
to forget about their non-abstract daily pain.

We have no pain.
We are spoiled.
Every minute for us is pleasure.
Every minute is made with our preferences.
We hear the music we want.
We look the TV we want (choose the story we want to hear).
We spend holiday where we want.
Doing what we want.
We spend all the time thinking what will make us more happy.
So for once let’s get
what we don’t want.
Let us face reality
face guilt
Face our cowardice
we are not weak
the fatness protects us.
The reality we look at
is beautiful
because this reality has been our choice.
We are civilised
and have the possibility to pilot the world.
We can even decide which kids are manufacturing our sport shoes
if we prefer Indians or Africans.
We can interfere in the choice of what age they should have
and how many hours they should work for us.
Being privileged customers
we can complain about what we want
when we want
where we want
and make pressure to change it.
In Emergency Room
The composition is uncomposed
because it is always including last minute-indices.
By the way
we don’t have time for compositions
designed-trallalla like in Ikea.
The art where you see art works
and everyone interprets what they want
is such
a cliché
so conservative
such a luxury
so much serving the dominators.

It is chauvinistic
to give art this duty.
The duty to be abstract.
In Emergency Room the composition is the scenography.
The scenography of the artist being punctual.
The ballet of the collaborations.
But again
in Emergency Room it is not acceptable
to carry no trace
any reference to anything recognizable.
In Emergency Room we are supposed to look after specific crimes
specific subjects.
Emergency Room offers solutions.
If we want to see compositions
or poetry
and want to escape
we take a tour in the nature
(maybe while doing a critical run in the forest)

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )