ACTIVIST [fr. activiste]

Please don’t call any of us “an activist”
then we have to get rid of them
exclude them fast.
To say: “You are an activist”
is like to denounce someone.
To isolate the artist.
To neutralise the artist
To say: “I am an activist”
is even worse.
Can you imagine a spy saying:
”Good morning I am a spy”
”I am secretly going to spy on you”
The word activist
is a word like “contemporary”
is a word like “happy”.
It is a construction.
An invention to get the focus away from action.
Normally artists love to be called activists.
They feel flattered.
They think they are more sexy.
They think they will have more easy flirts
and probably they do.
They feel they will be like heroes.
But they won’t.
Artists called activists
are officially tattooed.
Artists called activists
are easy to spot
are easy to trace
are easy to neutralise
are easy to arrest.
Once an artist is called
or call himself or herself an activist
the artist cannot any longer work undercover.
The artist is deactivated
like a flat joke of which you already know the end.
An activist artist is without arms
(the shoulders touch the floor).
In our days
you can count activist artists not only in hundreds
but in thousands.
In hundred thousands.
There is a devaluation as everyone is pretending
or nominate
themselves as activists.
Even enemies of activism nominate themselves as activist artists.
Please notice
that invited activist artists often
are sponsored by weapon companies.

So let us make that clear
if you want to be an activist
working with the Emergency Room
you have to look
And be
Than an activist

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )