ALCOHOLISM [fr. alcoolisme]

Alcoholism is a disorder
characterised by the excessive consumption
of and dependence on alcoholic beverages.
This is leading to physical and psychological harm
and impaired social and vocational functioning.
Alcoholism is also called alcohol abuse,
or alcohol dependence.
Alcoholism can easily lead to apathy, bad training
and deficient precision.
Hence, alcohol is of no good for an Emergency Artist.
Alcohol has traditionally been essential for an artistic attitude.

Drunk artists loose their antenna of pertinence
Drunk artists loose their critical judgement
The autofocus of drunk artists is acting crazy.
Drunk artists cannot keep a conversation together
because they have to pee all the time
(the excess beer).
When the culture manager close the bar
The artists go to bed
With headaches
On their knees.

Cultural managers and advertisers
like to create an image of the artist as drunkard.
In this dictature of alcohol.
The sponsors decide who is in and out.
In this dictature of alcohol.
The sponsors decide what is art and what is not.
Everyone is accepting this.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )