APATHY [fr. apathie]

Apathy is a lack of emotion, motivation, or enthusiasm.
For artists, apathy is a state of being anaesthetised
by production, consummation and business.
This make artists function like machines
performing for the cultural industry.

Clinical apathy is considered to be at an elevated level,
while a moderate level might be considered depression,
and an extreme level could be diagnosed as a dissociative disorder.
The physical aspect of apathy is associated with physical deterioration
muscle loss
and lack of energy.
This state is called lethargy.
Apathy can be object-specific,
it can be directed towards a person
towards an activity
or towards an environment.
Apathy is a common reaction to stress.
When apathy manifests itself as a “learned helplessness”
apathy it is associated with melancholia.
Melancholia is neglected exercise.
Artistic melancholia is common among artists.
Art melancholia stems from neglected exercise in ar.
Neglected exercise in turn is a common effect of neglected warming up.
Warming up to art is an effective cure against apathy.
Apathy can also reflect a non-pathological lack of interest in things
one does not consider important.
Certain drugs are known to cause symptoms associated
with or leading to
Apathy is also very similar to laziness
and may be an extreme form of it.
Detached artists start to be disconnected
Art-for-art’s sake is lazy art
Or drunk art
But definitively disconnected art
Art without any social connection
Apathy is heavy
Apathy is without muscles
Apathy is a soft stone

Apathy is the effect of the chemical warfare.
The dominating cynical generals have sent
clouds of chemical gas
making artists (and all citizens)
Not feeling anything
Not being able to reflect anything at all
Any feeling at all
Any sense of responsibility at all
No more concerns
No more motivations
No more interest
No more energy
No more will
A deadly gas making everyone an apathetic
has been released.
We have to look for the chemical formula
to wake up again.
The solution is daily training of the awareness muscle.
The convalescence must start to fight
against the effects of the apathetic gas.
We have army of gas expert
trying to search in labs
the formula.
We also organize experiments
and brain-storm meetings on these subjects
Like Critical Run at the Père Lachaise
to try to understand the connection between apathy and death
Test like the apathetic sofa
But the more we search
the more the enemies are using chemical weapons.
The enemy is using them profusely
Diffusing the apathetic gas from all channels
The supremacy of apathy is total
Corresponding to the weak need of being entertained
From other sources we know that
apathy can be an effect of witnessing horrific acts
such as the killing of people during war.
(Some types of apathy has been located by our laboratory
to be in the scum of sponsored beer
making all drinkers loose
every capacity of reaction
with the reaction of laughing at dramatic events).
Apathy can also be caused by the use of wrong words
which make believe that
the cells of resistance are working
Making believe that
someone else is fighting instead of you
(like the fake activist or so-called activist).

Oh we wish so much that apathy could be stopped
We have to find the source of the gas-machine
gasing the entire population
To stop it
To find a vaccine to the mortal gas
that allows massacres being commited in front of our eyes
with our entertained laughing agreement.
”Allons enfant de l’ apathie !!”
bon apathie
like bonne apres midi
apathy is a mark
Good Apathy
like Good Morning

Good Death !

The apathy has to be localised
as the root of the evils of the world
The search has to be a common task
We cry your name
The apathy is the worst enemy of Emergency Art

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )