AWARENESS [fr. conscience]

Awareness is an active state
Awareness is a willed state
an effort of receptivity
an intention
Awareness describes a human or animal’s perception and cognitive
reaction to a condition or event
Awareness does not necessarily imply understanding
Awareness is just an ability to be conscious of
to feel
or to perceive.
Awareness is a relative concept.
A subject may be partially aware
may be subconsciously aware
or may be acutely aware of an event.
Awareness may be focused on an internal state
such as a visceral feeling
or on external events by way of sensory perception.
In art awareness is the capacity to be present
Not seldom one can get the impression that art is a profession
which is currently undergoing an operation by an anesthesiologist
Could somebody have poor some anaesthetic drugs in the soup of contemporary art?
We might be wrong here.
To be aware is to be in contact with everything around.
The ego as well as the public.
To include the search for the oeuvre and the meteorological condition
as well as the emotional and political context.
The awareness is a total disposition to be informed
and to integrate everything at once.
For the artist to redistribute
this awareness in an immediate art work
(which is a combination of everything which is perceived)
An awareness muscle is a good thing to have

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )