AWARENESS MUSCLE [fr. muscle de la conscience]
In the same sense memory can be trained,
an awareness muscle can be developed
by an effort.

To develop the awareness muscle,
the artist has to reduce his gesticulations.
When an artist is busy
the artist is not very aware
the artist is occupied.
A daily training is necessary
But how to train?
Scanning the news in a critical way
could be one exercise.
Daily debating politics with others
could be another.
Looking at other point of views
usually produces significant improvements.
Fighting prejudice is an excellent exercise.
Many other forms of training could also
produce beneficial effects for the awareness muscle.
Continuous and daily training is important.
For instance
rewinding and slow motioning
what has been absorbed
getting away the sugar from the propaganda machines
talking to everyone
excercise comparatif
critical run.
If not daily trained
the awareness muscle can degrade into atrophy
To develop the awareness muscle requires will-power

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )