BIODIVERSITY [fr. biodiversité]

In the desperate head hunting for artists
to join the Emergency Room movement
the hunt include a deliberate will in creating a biodiversity.
Not only media artist should be part of the Emergency Room
but also abstract painters.
We believe that perfectionist abstract painters
being professionally abstract
working very slowly in abstract compositions
can have thought a lot about the dysfunctions of the world of today.
Abstract painters of course feel pain in front of the injustices they witness
and may feel the burning need of expressing precisely about what they perceive
and summarised
the birth
the source
the exact origin
of what they suspect to be the cause of the pain
in real time.
Abstract painter
(it is an example)
can also feel like expressing
what it feel day after day to be
alone on their sofas
watching the world collapsing.
But not only abstract painters
but also party organisers
or fashion createurs
or performers
or logo artists
or landscape photographers
(just name categories not expected)
should be approached
to join the emergency movement.

In the room  
All kinds of practitioners inspire each other
and together they create aesthetics of Emergency.
In Emergency Room we don’t want to give only a voice to
provocation artists
or media artists
or porno artists.
We want to encourage different ways of thinking
and different methods of investigation.
All genres should remain alive.
New genres should pop up.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )