BURNING [fr. brûlant]

The artists in Emergency Room are on fire
The artists run to Emergency Room like if their clothes were burning
The artists run as if they were looking for carpets to extinguish the fire

The artist consumes indications of dysfunction like food.
The artist has to burn the news.
This is the artistic metabolism of the Emergency Room.
If the artist doesn’t burn what he is fed with.
The artist get fat.
Fed Up.

The aware artist is moved by what he see:
(injustice, propaganda, torture, exploitation etc)
The aware artist is then burning to express
and point out what he perceives.
The perception is this feeling, unmasking or debate.
The aware artist cannot wait to express.
If the artist wait, it is too late.
The artist is inspired by what he sees or knows or feels.
The artist is propulsed by a burning energy
which make him produce art.
To share.
In the artists way of working this fire is inspiration.
This inspiration is not intoxicating.
It is enlightening.
It is now impossible for the artist to wait until he doesn’t feel anymore.

Like a messenger he must quickly alert the rest of the society
after he has given his burning thoughts a form.
The form-giving process is urgent.
Hence emergency.
This burning artist can of course under no circumstances remain an apathetic.
This burning artist has the energy to criticise, to produce, and also to
make public his thoughts and/or visions public.
The burning artist has recovered the vital social strength.
The burning artist has recovered the artistic strength.
To be an artist is a profession of inspiration.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )