CASTING [fr. casting]
In Emergency Room the first meeting with artist is called a casting.
Everything becomes like a part of a film.
Emergency Room is a film.
Every artist has a personality.
In Emergency Room he will play his own role.
The film becomes the story of different characters
trying to cross the desert together
trying to create a new type of community at the other end of the desert
on the other side of the coast.
Emergency Room is like a western
There are a fat cook
a beautiful lady
a tall guy
an unshaved hero
an insomniac
3 Indians
an ecologist
a spy
many singles
some fathers
some lonely mothers
an engineer transformed into an artist
many architects transformed into artists
a provocateur
a lot of shy girls
few grandfathers
hundreds of uncles
some perfectionists
some communists
some fascists dressed up as activists
one comic
3 ironics anyway
2 populists always fighting
many Greeks
many French
many Danes
few Germans
some ethnic Americans etc…
Artists join Emergency Room not only for what evidences they can produce.
But also for
what they are.
And what they can do and be together.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )