CONFESSIONAL [fr. confessionnal]

Once Joakim Hamou told us that Emergency Room is like a confessional.
We think he though that in Emergency Room
we only speak and whisper our bad conscience,
or repentance,
and then do our penitence in private.
But we think Joakim Hamou is wrong.
Because in “our confessional”
we also have visitors.
If one of the visitors has a camera or a microphone,
what is said in the Emergency Room can reach millions of people.
I admit that in most exhibition spaces,
only the deaf ears listen,
and only the blind men looks,
and the lame legs arrives.
But in Emergency Room
This is not true.
We have a strategy of distribution.
We are like paparazzis.
If we show a picture of a tiny detail,
Suddenly it can appear everywhere!

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )