CONTEMPORANEITY [fr. contemporanité]

Contemporaneity means essentially being in-time.
Thus there can be no archive,
no museum,
no documents
and no monuments
of contemporaneity.
Contemporaneity is essentially living.
Or at least breathing.
It is being in the sequel of events.
Producing contemporary art means
producing art now,
at this very time.
To produce art for a stock of works, is not contemporaneity.
It is rather anticipating a rendez-vous of a future spectator
in an archive of yesterday.
Art is usually produced that way,
continually evading the very moment
of contemporaneity.
At the same time, this is the moment
in which the Emergency Artist wants
to work.
Thus the object for the Emergency Artist
can be no archive or no museum.
The object for the Emergency Artist is to establish a room or a space
for exhibiting the works or pieces
at the same day they are produced.
In this sense the Emergency Artist is a performing artist.
The Emergency Artist is performing his piece contemporary
with it is being exhibited and it is being viewed.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )