CONTINUITY [fr. continuité]

The Emergency Room format depends upon the continuity
of works and pieces produced by artist today.
The works and pieces is continually installed, during the Passage, in the Emergency Room.
And the works and pieces are continually transported from the Emergency
Room to the Delay Museum.
The exhibition is a kind of real time film with a rather slow
The frame rate of one frame per 24h.
Today is a concept which can only be understood
together with continuity.
The concept of today would be unintelligible
as an isolated concept,
without any yesterday or tomorrow.
Today is the continuity of todays,
a continuity in time
which does not sum up to eternity.
The continuity of Emergency Room is a flow.
This continuity is the flow of pieces and works
which represent the invisible images of social matter.
In that sense the very fast exhibition is similar to the very fast
pictures of film.
The difference is that, what is a very fast exhibition, is at the same time
This is probably because social matter is of a more plastic nature
than pictures.
An Emergency Room Exhibition could then be seen as a “matter film”
 or “moving matter”.
The Emergency Room exhibitions is like living images.
The film is evolving depending of the context.
If something is happening the script changes.
This continuity is against superficiality.
If you stop developing the awareness muscle
you get unaware of lack of training.
Continuity is the need of keeping up.
Continuity is flow.
The flow is growing while it continues.
Life is a stream.
So is the exhibition of today.
There is no interruption.
The exhibition is alive.
And cannot stop.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )