Coolness is a state.
A smoothie.
A piece of luxury.
A feeling-proof jacket.
Une aureole.
Coolness is being not affected by anything.
Of a state of not being exposed to shakings.
Of a state of not sweating.
Or freezing.
But comfort.
To be in a constant state of self satisfaction.
Regardless of what ever happens.
Regardless of what ever appears.
Coolness is a state of indifference.
Coolness is a protection from suicide.
Coolness is an aggressive form of apathy.
Coolness is a form of scorn
against any form of passion.
Coolness is the opposition of any form of involvement.
Like a vibration without any radiation.
Like a shaking without any waves.
A distance.
Coolness sounds positive.
And looks good.
Feels quick and sharp.
Like a cliché.
Coolness is an invention of the power.
Coolness is the affirmation of power as an active state of apathy.
Une culture d’apathy.
Coolness is the opposite of being offended.
Coolness is the opposite of being affected.
Coolness is the opposite of being devastated.
Coolness is a suppression of the horror we all know about.
Coolness is the feeling of survival as self-maintainance.
Coolness is the maintainance of the power.
Of apathy.
For the price of compassion.
Coolness is in opposite of insomnia.
Coolness is a dreaming state.
Of feel-good.
For the price of sorrows.
Coolness is a luxury state.
Coolness is an attitude.
Coolness is almost a kind of yoga.
Coolness shields from torture and torment.
Coolness shields from horror and terror.
Coolness is so soft and flexible,
elastic, that
Coolness cannot be cracked.
Coolness is so self-confident.
So self-self
So auto-erotic
So alembic
So slippery
So flashy
Coolness is the perfect form of an artistic attitude.
Coolness reproduces itself in itself
Because it is so cool.
Like a bubble bath.
Like shampoo.
Like soap.
Like buzz words.
Emergency Room is suspicious about coolness.
Emergency Room sees that it looks too good on photos.
Emergency Room suspects that coolness constitute the muzak of the
contemporary mind.
When your kids are sick
You suffer with them
You don’t use gloves to touch them.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )