CRITICAL RUN [fr. course critique]

Critical Run is a format for criticism;
it is a stimulating, debating, and sweating format.
In Emergency Room we extract outrage,
we extract sweat,
we extract efforts,
Critical Run is a run where we debate while we run.
Critical Run is an embodied metaphor.
An absorption of what we feel we should do
in a world at the edge of an abyss.
But it is not a run away from the gulf to escape
But a run for solutions.
Critical Run is a method to energize the debate in emergencies.
We can not remain seditary.
Drinking (for instance smoothies)
Eating (for instance sushi)
Run away.
Run towards.
Run together.
Run for.
We see the debates are dying.
They appear wilted, decaying.
The debates are faded.
The chairs have transformed the debates into interior design.
The sedate debates are ornamenting the walls.
They are like dead relics,
like perspectives or view points,
seen from a chair or a panel.
The debates are like a furniture
turned into real estate long time ago.
Critical run normally takes place in the same town
as Emergency Room takes place.
Once a week.
Once a week the emergency artists in Emergency Room runs or jumps for a run.
A Critical Run.

But Critical Run is a separate format as well.
A Critical Run doesn’t have to emerge from an Emergency Room.
Critical Run is a complementary and an independent format.
In the early phase the the critical run where called “the artists run”.
But nobody was participating.
Artists usually don’t like to run.
Artists and art people are typically negatively biased against running.
And artists who do run, don’t do it as artists.
But incognito.
Running is somehow denigrating art.
Running art does not appear suitable dignified.
Running art might be difficult to look at.
An the faster art is running, the harder it is to be looked at.
Therefore artists doesn’t like running art.
Or running artists.
This is a clear and dignified and perceptive position.
For the art work.
As for the artist.
This is probably the only position they really have.
The interjection RUN! is insulting them.
It is insulting their works.
They get more outraged by hearing the word run
than to hear about death caused by injustice.
To ask an artist to run
is like asking him to share his sponsor ticket for a sponsored art party.
The question in itself is the offence.
A no way-question.
Fortunately, after investing an immense effort:
in hyping the run,
in having beautiful looking run leaders;
an immense effort in persuading by:
elaborate rhetorics,
nice words,
even flattery,
an immense effort in convincing by means of:
painting up a scenario of the future career,
pointing to aspects of originality,
and even to art historical necessity;
the Critical Run finally succeeded to take place
once a week during the Emergency Room period.
The Critical Run happens mostly on bridges.
The Critical Run usually last some 20 minutes.
Still –
some artists,
because of:
Back problems,
Knee problems,
Problems with their feet,
Digestion problems,
Tooth Problems,
Shampoo problems,
Wind problems,
Shoe problems,
And other equipment problems,
Like shorts problems,
And t-shirt problems,
schedule problems,
and a lot of other
problems –
have to participate on their bike.
We accept that.
Emergency room,
after all,
is not made up of elite troops.
It is certainly not an easy task,
to debate and run,
The run makes the runner pant.
The run produces short sentences.
The run makes the syntax staccato.
The run makes the artist to a stammer.
The run makes the critic to a stammer.
The run makes everyone to stammers,
This panting & stammering,
This staccato & syncopation
would be disastrous,
in an International Conference.
In the Critical Run it is the point.
In the Critical Run
or heart beat,
is necessary.
as well as
Words, thoughts, statements,
ideas, reasonings, questions
has to be to the point.
In an emergency.
Useless statements would be disastrous,
for the Critical Run.
In the Critical Run
this critical panting & stammering,
this critical staccato & syncopation
requires will power and motivation.
The Critical Run requires critical thinking.
And thinking on the move.
The thinking evolves as the group moves along.
Critical Run is a method.
A method to extract precious statements.
Critical Run often have themes in advance.
But subject matter can be decided on the spot.
Debates can evolve in the run.
As emergencies cannot be planed.
Everything in the run is filmed.
Critical Run has its erotic moments.
Maybe because of the pantings.
The stammerings.
The staccatos.
The syncopations.
Critical Runs can take place in different parts of the world.
Critical Runs do not need much logistics.
The critical runners have their own clothes.
The critical runners may look strange.
Critical runs are very mobile.
Critical Runs need running artists.
Critical Runs need running critics.
Critical Runs need beautiful and intelligent run leaders.
Until now, Critical Runs have happened
in Siberia
in New York,
in Athens,
in Paris,
in Istanbul,
in Napoli,
in Barcelona
in Stockholm
in Rotterdam,
and in Copenhagen.
Critical Run always have a precisely selected point of departure (POD).
Correspondingly the Critical Run have a carefully chosen point of
arrival (POA).
These PODs and POAs have been selected with care
for their symbolic and contextual implications.
Like a POD from the parliament to a POA at a police station.
Critical Run can also happen backwards.
Recession Regression Repression.
Critical Run can happen in a cemetery,
if the theme is death,
if the theme is apathy.
Critical Run, runs perfectly with any idea of movement.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )