DEBATE [fr. débat]
The debate is a jam session.
Artists learn to question their motivations
to confront them
to shake them.
Artists learn to observe their colleagues
when the artists are talking
and not drunk.
The debate is a dating moment
for further collaborations
for coming revolutions.
During the debates
there is a comparative positioning.
During the debates
artists can also see that they are sharing topics and evidences.
During the debates
it often happens that some artists have chosen the same dysfunction.
They can discover that they are alert together.
That they share the same concerns.
That they share the same intuition.
It is very good that they know that.
That they are not alone any more.
In front of the monsters.
Nor more loneliness in front of the medias.
They can start to form a brigade of opinion
going out to recruit more.
The debate is the moment where they nearly touch each other
Naked in the sea of opinions.
The debate takes place in the round embracing room.
In the rondeur of Emergency
every one is falling on every one.
And even if the cells are fighting.
They are part of the same body.
This fighting cohabitation is a generator of energy.
There is a togetherness in the wrestling.
Artists are like kids.
They become friends by fighting each other.
Not by scratching each others backs at vernissages.
No one escapes untouched from the debate.
The debates are even worse for the public.
Sometimes people just pass by
by mistake
by accident.
as they were looking for another show in the museum
just to find themselves engaged in the debate
forgetting about the yesterdays art
hey intended to stare at
In Emergency Room the public must take part.
In Emergency Room the public has no choice.
In Emergency Room the public just must.
The artists must invite friends and parents to come as well.
The artists must invite neighbours.
They must invite the guards of the museum as well.
They must invite the secretaries.
The taxi driver.
The accountant
Nobody can escape.
Nobody can survive
The debate.
The debate is always filmed.
Intelligent things are said by the participants.
During the debate
the missiles are going in all directions
the phrases are ricocheting.
The goal of the debate is not to convince but to touch
and to embrace
to give again to look at
to give again a chance to look at what was not seen.
It is a rebirth.
It is good to debate.
But in Emergency Room we don’t have that much time.
Emergency Room are more involved in decision making.
Emergency Room can not debate hours and hours
if nothing concrete comes out.
And Emergency Room must say that sometimes the debate take us nowhere
especially if a salesman-artist is trying to convince us
about the urgency of a non-urgent art work.
Debates should not be like une orgue de barbarie.
The worst debates are those which turn out
to be demonstrations of good will.
When the debates turn out being a demonstration of
how good we are.
Good will is presented like a product
like a Tupperware.
Some artists marry because they meet at the debate.
They noticed each other
recruited each other
spied at each other
jumped on to each other
(this happened in Athens).
They test their pertinence with the public.
They pass exams
with no stress.
Their art works should be like these every time.
They should sharpen their arguments like guitars.
They should learn how weak their art is.
They should test the impact of their art
(no impact yet)
(yet no revolution).
Come on
it is coming!
They surf on the round walls
The walls of the Emergency Room becomes humid
(more during debates)
(and passage).
They boost their ego.
They rise the temperature.
They exist together.
”But are debates not a waste of time?”
Debates are part of the warm up.
Debates are the proof that Emergency Room is not a sect
Yes, there are rules
But that is more a formality.
Emergency Room does not decide what to think.
Emergency Room ask questions.
The debates are not a mess.
It is a boiling debate.
It is a chaos with no initial direction
Oh my god!
It is good we have a clock
to have something to relate to
in this amazing amount of subjects.
Debate are filmed
(as said).
Emergency Room collect artists’ thoughts
like we collect the sweat.
During debates there are less sweat
(unless they really fight like in Athens)
but the wet drops we collect
is artists’ splutter.
Emergency Room collect that
(you know we are collectors).
Artists’ splutter.
The Emergency Room becomes humid of condensation.
It is very intense.
Artists are thermometers.
It is a meeting of thermometers.
With damp.
Mixed with some artist sweat.
From debates
weddings can happen
Water and gas on every floor
Sweat and Spit in every round corner
Spit is in the air

We must listen to each other
It is discipline.
Training to listen to all of us.
We are not here to show off
but to organise alliances.
No demonstration of muscles
but kissing naked party.
Emergency Room wants to create movements
and weddings.
Weddings can produce children
or drama.
or disasters.
In Emergency Room the most authentic form of debate are the critical run
Because they are run and sweat.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )