DELAY MUSEUM [fr. Musée du Retard]

The format of Emergency Room gives the possibility
that one could,
but doesn’t have to,
establish a “Delay” Room.
This Delay Museum contains pieces
which have been alive and actual
in the today of the discourses of society,
but now have turned into yesterday’s works of art.
The transport from the Emergency Room to the Delay Space
doesn’t affect the quality of the work itself.
It is a consequence of the very concept of Emergency Art.
The works might still look very, very fresh and new,
but aren’t.
They might, or might not, have become great or less great works of art,
but this is questions for art history.
Questions of this kind is not especially relevant for the Emergency Artist.
The Delay Museum is mocking the institution.
The Delay Museum is more fresh than any other type of exhibition.
Fresh enough for the normal observer and normal art lover.
For Emergency Art it is yesterday’s art.
Not the art of today.
In a sense it is the retirement of the work.
When the work has done it’s civil duty
it has earned a pension to which it retires.
The Emergency Artist wish it the best luck.
Before going on with producing today’s art.
This retirement is the delay.
This retirement is the Delay Museum.
Some of the art works are still very good works,
even if they no longer are on show in the Emergency Room.
Some of the work that have been in the Emergency Room
will go into a Delay Museum.
The Delay Museum is constituted by art work
that have be given it or abandoned by the artist.
An artist who does not pick up his art work within 24 hours
gives it automatically to the Delay Museum.
The Delay Museum is a museum.
It is made up of great art that have to be conserved with care.
The role of the Delay Museum is to show this great art.
The art that was shown in Emergency Room
is still great art one or ten years after.
It is great art
in spite of it’s spontaneity and speed with which it was made.
The art has a timeless life after Emergency Room.
The Delay Museum has a conservative function.
Like any museum.

But the Delay Museum is a defence attorney as well.
The Delay Museum should discourage the enemy of Emergency Room.
Opponents who argue that art can not be produced within the conditions of Emergency Rooms.
That art can’t be produced today.
That artists can’t work fast.
The Delay Museum wants to prove that masterpieces are being produced.
The art in the Delay Museum still has the power to be more contemporary
than any contemporary museum.
What is pejoratively called delay for Emergency Room
seems to be fresh in the contemporary world.

What is bad wine for us is good wine for them.
The delay museum is a HOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU made in a classroom.
It points out the abuse of the word “contemporary”.
Another example of the hypocrite’s abuse of words.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )