DEMOCRACY [fr. democratie]

We live in a democracy
so we are taught.
It is such a dogma
that we can’t contradict it.
A matter of fact.
A matter of doubtless fact
Living in a democracy by definition requests
and evaluation.
Democracy is a humble dispositive
loving critics
and not imposing their dictates.
A democracy
has to be provoked
like a wife
has to be tickled.
The democracy has to be shaken
to test it’s elasticity.
The democracy loves to be provoked
thrown in the river
forced under water
sent to the moon
passed into the washing machine
68 times
put into a New Year’s rocket
cut in small pieces
The democracy is like a dance partner.
She wants fun and strong emotions.
Therefore she likes to be shaken
catched again
as much as possible
as many times as possible.
The democracy is
Shake me Shake me Baby
Baby Shake me One More Time.
And most important of all
Never believe that the democracy tells the truth.
Well back to the dogma.
We live in a democracy.
We could also say:
we are civilised
we are the top top of civilised people
we are so lucky
(and therefore so happy)
(and therefore don’t need to escape reality)
that we must venerate the democracy
like a goddess.
We must pray for her.
But praying won’t help.
The way to venerate democracy is not to be passive.
Democracy is a religion requesting permanent criticism.
The cult of praying for democracy
is not to be on your knees.
To criticise democracy
is what she really demands.
The Emergency Room so much loves democracy
(maybe Emergency Room is foolish)
that Emergency Room wants to contribute
with donations
To participate in the ceremony of
the test.
To her reinforcement.
Emergency Room wants to contribute to the daily vaccinations.
Every critic of the democracy makes the democracy more strong
more healthy
more resistant
and this is what we all want
We do?
Don’t we?

Don’t forget:
If the democracy ask with a greedy smile
Give it a kick in the stomach
(don’t worry she won’t be hurt)
(she will take it as a compliment).
Do you remember those arrogant kids at school
All the time asking to be hit in their stomach?
Always saying, with a smile,
Come on!
I don’t feel anything
Hit me again
I like it
Hit me!
But maybe
(sad thought)
Democracy produces it’s own illusion of democracy.
Like the contemporary produces it’s own illusion of contemporaneity.
Maybe we are fooled by democracy.
Like we are fooled by contemporary art.
Like we are fooled by the activists.
Is Emergency Room a format only for democracy?

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )