DISTANCE [fr. distance]

Between the intention of the artist
and the art work brought into Emergency Room
there is often a large distance.
Such a large distance
that it cannot be measured.
Some artists talk and talk
like a Stalin organ
du tac au tac.
Pretending to be self-confident
some artists talk
about any kind of concerns.
They seem to have an opinion
about everything.
But when you look at the art work
You cannot see it.
It has disappeared!
We don’t know.
But the fact is
that the public can feel this distance.
Like a repulsive magnet.
The public sometimes think
it has been fooled.
It could also be that the artist’s art works are shy.
They don’t really want to tell anything
(maybe because they have nothing to say).
But at the same time
The artist has a desire of closeness.
The artist is like a teenager.
The artist needs a lot of attention.
The artist needs massage
and at the same time the artist rejects it.
Lack of maturity.
Or mystery of the artist.
The goal of Emergency Room
is to reduce the distance
between the speech and the work of art.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )