EDUCATION [fr. éducation]
Emergency Room has teaching plans.
Emergency Room can go on and on
head hunting
but it takes too many resources.
The already existing deadline artists are not too many.
They are almost non existing.
It is smarter to make a culture of emergency artists.
Instead of looking for them everywhere in the ocean
we could cultivate emergency room artists like oysters.
The most effective way is to establish a teaching system.
To create a new generation of artists.
The trained critics draw faster than their own shadows.
This Emergency Education should contain some teachings in
Investigative journalism   
Spy courses
(outside the ghetto of art)
Slow dancing -- News-sharing
Social training without alcohol
This Emergency Education should also contain some
Meetings with spin doctors
Meetings with really bad guys
Meeting with politicians.
This Emergency Education should almost look like a training camp.
Not the type of study where the students sleep in front of a slide show
showing examples of some activistic wellness.
This Emergency Education should teach how to do art fast
So that humanity might survive.
How to create ultrafast with no resources.
How to create without consuming.
This Emergency Education should learn how to do:
Social graffiti
Lie detectors
Critical runs
Derive runs
1 minute retrospectives
Everything goes wrong courses
Mistake courses
Hypocrisy swimming
Sweat tasting
Motivation testing
Art for the dying pensionist
Rumour art
Recession art
Emergency mixing
Protest fashion
Fashion shows
Debate  Rave
Protest choreography (scenographie de manifestation)
Emergency tai chi
Spamming courses
Google exposure
Role of the artist courses  
Civil maturity

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )