ELIMINATION [fr. élimination]

Elimination is one of the most scary words
that has been marketed recently in entertainment industry.
It is in fact a trend of elimination.
Elimination on television.
Elimination in politics.
Elimination in asylum centres.
Elimination in couples.
Elimination in families.
Elimination has become festive.
It is more convivial to eliminate than to welcome.
We celebrate more around exclusions than around inclusions.
We have learned how to make exclusions with a smiley.
To insult and reject people with a smile.
To kill with a smiley.
To torture with a smiley.
To make xenophobia look cool.
Insulting peoples dignity has become a trend.
Strangely elimination is used for genocides
as for the most popular TV shows.
Eliminations are done with style.
With a clapping & laughing audience.
Designed by talented creative people.
We wish we are different in Emergency Room.
But maybe we are no better.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )