EMERGENCY ARTIST [fr. artiste d’urgence]
An Emergency Artist is an artist taking part in the Emergency Room.
It is an artist that feel that there is a state of emergency.
In a state of emergency, it is paramount that the artist of today is
and on time.
Therefore is an emergency artist
and preparing.
An artist giving some of his time to point at dysfunctions.
An artist in immediate permanent connection with his surrounding.
An artist feeling part of civic society.
An Emergency Artist works within the concept of today.
An Emergency Artist does not bring items from the stock to the Emergency Room.
An Emergency Artist is open for collaboration.
An Emergency Artist is not afraid of mistakes.
An Emergency Artist is not expressing for promotion himself
An Emergency Artist is concerned by the functioning of society
An Emergency Artist is an optimist with regard to the future
(an Emergency Artist does not feel everything is lost) .

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )