EMERGENCY ROOM [fr. salle d’urgence]

Artists are thermometers for dysfunctions of society.
They are the visual experts.
But in order to exhibit an artist has to wait months
or years
in order to negotiate with art institutions
find funding
and collaborators.
This limits the artist urging to respond to the contemporary
and leaves the art work as delayed comments on yesterday’s world.

Through Emergency Room
artists can react every day.
They scan the emergencies of today and respond to their discoveries of conflicts and discrepancies
– no comment or reaction is wrong.
By being a constantly changing exhibition space
commenting on current problems
Emergency Room creates a hotline to the public and to the mass media
and the streets.
Everyday there will be new reactions
and everyday there will be new reasons for audience and media
to tune back
“Artists, audience and media have been fighting for weeks
in order to get to see and participate
in the new and innovating exhibition
that with its “art of the news” puts the art institution itself to debate.
Reuters, The New Yorker and the TV-channel ABC News
are some of the leading media that have brought the story
about the original exhibition, and at P.S.1/ MOMA
more than a thousand visitors per day have been seeing it…”
(Nikolaj M. Lassen, Weekendavisen, March 30th, 2007)

The format of Emergency Room is established
because artists as visuals experts
have important statement to do
before tomorrow
before it is too late.
We are living in a state of Emergency.
The Emergency Rooms is updated every day.
Emergency Rooms ought to be established in every institution of contemporary art.
Emergency room takes the form of a room
(but can have derivates).
Emergency Room has a lot of burning members.
Emergency Room has plans for developing.
Emergency Room should be permanent to have a streaming critical force.
Every town should have an Emergency Room.
Emergency room was a manifest before it become an activate format.
Emergency Room can create waves in the swimming pool.
Emergency room is an aircraft carrier from which the bombardier take off from.
Emergency Room is a butterfly that can bring the chaos.
Emergency Room can be a poetic platform.
Emergency Room can absorb everything and digest it.
Emergency Room can detect cancer before his total expansion.
Emergency Room has a lot potential but is still at is phase A.

Emergency Room deliberately chooses to mix evidently different aesthetics
For instance cross-media artists with abstract painters or sculptors.
Emergency Room trains the awareness muscle of the artists.
Emergency Room encourage artists to work in an environment
where experimentation and artistic daring is welcomed.
Artists evolve and develop new unexpected methods and art forms
often resulting in significant changes in the praxis of participants
and thereby in the aesthetics of the emergency art as such.

Emergency Room is an international movement
and everywhere the format is actualized the community of ER Artists expands
from internationally acclaimed artists to local burning-artists
– all meeting each other on location
working together to meet their deadline.
Many Emergency Room participants follow to the other Emergency Room
encouraging artists to collaborate and become part of the energized community
and tear down the limitations and boundaries.
Today is today.
And tomorrow is too late.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )