EMPTINESS [fr. vide]

Sometimes the Emergency Room is empty.
None of the artist feel any concern that day.
Or none has found the time.
Or none found the right form to express.
Empty days do happen even if alarming events keep on happening in society.
The Emergency Room is on pause.
Or on holiday.
Or don’t care any more.
The absence is a scary sign.
An absence is an opinion.
But at least the absence show the absence.
Not using the Emergency Room is like not using the right to vote.
Sometimes an empty day can come after an empty day.
The passage can be a change from an empty day to an empty day.
Whatever the case, a photo (an exhibition view) of the empty space is
taken with the registration of the date.
Emptiness is a statement.
Emptiness can be the representation of apathy.
Apathy may be the emergency.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )