ENERGY [fr. enérgie]

To produce art fast the artist needs energy.
To point out dysfunction and injustice gives energy.
To produce art fast gives energy.
To be in good producing shape gives energy.
To be confronted to the public gives energy.
To be debating with colleagues gives energy.
This energy is existing inside the artist.
The artist is burning to make art.
The artist is inspired and has something to say.
This is why the artist is an artist in the first place.
The artist has this burning desire to transform what he knows or feel
into art.
The artist can not keep inside what is boiling in him.
The artist simply has to express.
If the artist doesn’t
the artist becomes like a rat and goes around with lowered head.
For to have the energy the artist just needs a transformator
or a stimulateur.
A transformateur transforming what he sees and feels into art.
Like smoke.
The artist watches the news.
The artist watch out through the window
The artist goes out in the streets walking
The artist produces smoke and put it in a jar.
The artist shows the jar with the pissed air he has been ruminating,
including his opinions, sensitivity and conceptual methods of production.
The artist fills up the jar.
When the artist sees the dysfunctions that pisses him off,
the artist feel a need of saying something.
The way visual artists say something is by producing visual art.
But the lack of a space for immediate exhibition
makes the artist stand still.
Instead the artist gets himself another beer in the fridge.
Instead of producing great art.
The artist just moves the finger.
The artist open the fridge and light up another cigarette.
The apathetic zapping artist is now in search
for even more apathy and anesthesia.
With the saliva dropping out of the corner of his mouth.
This is why beer companies  are sponsoring contemporary art.
They sell illusion and apathy.
The sponsor zapping saliva for artists.
On the contrary
The artist who knows that he will have an immediate audience.
An audience for to which to show an immediate production.
Such an artist will suddenly get very motivated.
The opinion of the artist will have a chance to live.
Energy will grow.
The confrontation with the public will happen.
Breaking the loneliness.
Standing up.
Rising out of the sofa.
Without zapping saliva.
His muscles will function again
all his muscle
The artist can now abandon the artistic attitude.
The perspective of an immediate (and erotic) confrontation
will make the artist run to his tools
and produce an art work.

Knowing that his opinion will be desired, will generate
tremendous energy for the artist.
An energy which spreads among others at the same time.
And not delayed.
The role of Emergency Room is to transform or canalize the artist’s jump
Out Of His Sofa.
To transform it into productive energy.
We could call it electricity.
The frustration created by the dishonour of being of abused can be
into fighting enthusiasm by the sher
level of bull-shit spraying from the media.
We repeat:
Piss off-energy canalise to a recipient is propulsing the artist
out of the sofa.
Existing and exhibiting canalize the initial propulsion energy
into more energy.
High energy – your love is lifting me.
High energy –
Your love is lifting me
Lifting me high.
The apathy transformed in empathy will rise energy.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )