ENLIGHTENMENT [fr. illumination]

Enlightenment is maybe a hidden goal.
Just to be enlightened
Like that.
See the dysfunction
cure them
and be enlightened.
Peaceful in the middle of the chaos.
Not apathetic
but enlightened
In touch with everything.
Distillant une solution calme et sage.
The artist that has done his social duty can be enlightened.
The artist can precisely feel the universe around him
perceiving everything
the time being real time
the past being real past
the future being real future
the other being fully existing.
Aujourd’hui m’aime.
The enlightenment will come with the perception of the surroundings.
All the collaborations.
All the battles won
or mostly lost.
The enlightenment will come
when all the sweat has been given away to make aphrodisiacs.
The enlightenment will come
by looking at the new protesting generation.
The enlightenment will come
with the daily reproduced precision.
The enlightenment does not come by sitting under a tree
But continuing running
In the rain.
The enlightenment is the reward of the warrior
that introduces new laws
Better laws
More fair laws
And especially a law to criticise the laws.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )