EVASION [fr. évasion]

Why why why escape
when we are surrounded by preferences
when there is soft angles all around
when we are protected against any perturbations.
Why should we transcend everyday.
What is wrong with everyday.
We have nothing to escape.
The idea to escape is not acceptable
Our life are not a misery.
We are allready in paradise.
We have to share some of the paradise
It will then be an even better paradise.
Most people have the feeling of having such a difficult life
a painful work.
So hard that they cannot stand reality.
They have to escape
to forget.
Get a whisky after work
to think about something else
to see a stupid film
to sleep in front the TV
drooling on the sofa
with open mouth.
It is difficult for us to understand why they have to escape.
They have programmed everything with preferences.
They have a wife they have chosen.
They live on a street they like.
They have the work they wanted.
They spend the weekends as they like
every weekend.
the holidays as well.
They are surrounded with stuff they desired the most.
Everything is perfect like the smoothie they drink
Caressing their throat and their stomach.
But strangely
they need to escape
they cannot be critical
they just cannot
it is too tiring for them.

But escape from what?
If they were dying of hunger
we would understand their need to escape their hunger.
But here they have everything
and all the time.
People should be filled up with critical energy.
Criticism should be a hobby
Action as well.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )