EXCURSION [fr. excursion]

The Emergency Room community
sometimes feel like going at excursions.
Excursions outside the Emergency Room.
From time to time some activities are organised outside.
It could be Media Hijacking-
It could be Critical Run-
It could be Conference Shaking-
It could also be Penetrations -
It could be Street Invasions-
It could be any imaginable excursion-
To keep in shape.
Emergency Room is not a kind of safe confortable format.
Emergency Room is not just hidden in the heated rooms of the museum.
The Emergency Room might go on excursions.
Excursions are healthy for Emergency Room.
Excursions gives Emergency Room the freedom to be where it is at most
Emergency Room is a platform.
A platform might pivot.
A platform is there for to reach an audience.
Emergency Room is a mobile and pivoting platform.
The excursions (when they are prompt and effective)
Could be called raids.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )