FEUILLETON  [fr. feuilleton]
The exhibition unroll like a feuilleton.
Some artists work with the same method as the novella.
Bringing new works every day like a chapter in a book.
Like an episode in a television serie.
sensitive to the reception of the public.
The exhibition has a chronology.
Some artists can follow a case day after day.
Some artists work with the evolution of the case.
Like a Brazilian novella.
The story changes from day to day.
The artist evaluates.
An ultra fast manuscript is done.
With new element breaking in.
The script is always subject of change.
Medias use the same technique.
They decide to run stories in one day or in months.
Depending on the reception.
They write manuscript.
They adapt conclusions.
Once an artist keep on following a case, the artist becomes an expert.
The artist begins to gain insight into his subject matter.
As well as of the context.
At this point the artist starts to be dangerous.
The artist might even produce a new Watergate.
The artist might prove something.
Unveil something.
Working day after day is like to hammer in a nail.
The arm moves.
The nail moves.
To work in Emergency Room like a feuilleton is a progressively growing approach.
Like a warm up.
A regular building up method.
It is a method of investigating suspect cases and civil dysfunctions.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )