FILLING [fr. remplissage]

Just like my grandmother collected kitsch souvenirs,
the artist can make a remplissage.
To fill up spaces.
To fill in spaces.
To secure himself.
Against emptiness.
We do notice that.
Exhibition spaces
Gets bigger & bigger.
Institutions of art,
offers huge spaces
to small artists.
This is why contemporary artists are filling up spaces with cars.
With buses.
With boxes.
But mostly cars.
And some additional boxes.
Or a bus.
Artists fight to exist.
Maybe artist fight not to disappear.
Artists fight a struggle to impress and conquer volumes.
Artists fight spaces more than the artistic cause.
Just count how many exhibitions are exhibiting cars.
In this filling
contemporary institutions have become car parks
With hanging cars.
With cars on pedestals.
With cars upside down.
With smashed cars.
With dissected cars.
This filling
can also be a filling of time.
All this remplissage makes the artist busy.
Not disponible.
Remplissage is the strategy of mass domination.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )