GENERALIST [fr. généraliste]
Contemporary artists are often generalists.
They care about the world
but normally not in any precise sense.
Contemporary artists care about the world
in a general sense.
In general.
Nothing specific.
Contemporary artists can express
how to save humanity
In general.
Often using already said statements.
Stated again with an artistic shape.
Contemporary artists can say
that the politician is incompetent
that the medias are manipulating
that men are chauvinists
that the US are exploiting the UK
that the UK are exploiting UN
that the president is looking stupid.
And so it goes on and on
Cliché after cliché.
But when it comes to a specific illness to be cared about
We need some specialists.
Where are those specialists?
There are some million of generalist artists
and hardly any specialist.
We urgently need some
ear specialists
apathy specialists
awareness muscle specialists
heart specialists
thyroid specialists
hormone specialists
xenophobia specialists
clochard specialists
finance specialists
ecologic-friendly airplane-hypocrisy specialists
penguin autopsy specialists
drug side-effect specialists
propaganda epidemic specialists
numbrilist digital specialists.
Definitively no more generalists

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )