GLUTTONY [fr. gloutonnerie]

Artists can be gluttons.
The inspired artist cannot stop swallowing
(and producing)
in a permanent cycle.
There is no limit of what the inspired artist can swallow.
It is immense.
Basically it is everything.
Not only the artists’ own life
not only other artists’ inspiration
not only the artists’ own frustration.
But the entire world can inspire the artist.
The mechanism of the world.
The mechanism of society.
The events around us.
The injustices beside us.
The dysfunctions.
What the artist sees on television.
What the artist reads in the papers.
What the artist sees in the streets.
The injustices are also a source of inspiration
and they are everywhere.
Everything is inspiring.
Even the racist neighbour.
The polluting car of the police officer.
The way lies are said.
The glutton artist
never stops absorbing matter to express.
As a lawn mover

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )