HIERARCHY [fr. hiérarchie]

Some day
some art works are more important than others.
In the context of Emergency Room
Some art works are important
because of their pertinence
because of their urgency.
They have an impact on the real world.
We don’t want to hurt any artist
we have to mark points and change unfair laws.
We can evaluate the pertinence.
We can measure the impact.
And we can make a hierarchy of pertinent art works.
We can ask (politely) to the snoring art work
to move a little to the side
not to become a magnet of meaningless attention.
Like in any Emergency Room
someone who has broken a finger
doesn’t receive the same care
than someone involved in a violent car crash.
Some patients are sent to another department.
In Emergency Room some artists
can be advised to go back to the contemporary art world
and produce the usual obsolete works of art.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )