ILLUSTRATOR [fr. illustrateur]
The artist of today is an illustrator.
The artist of today does not exists on his own.
The artist of today illustrates.
Like the decorator decorates.
Like the bike repairman repaires.
The artist illustrates the exhibitions themes to the curators.
Which in its turn, are illustrations of the agenda of the advertising bureau
itself illustrating the desire of the cultural managers
themselves working for the sponsors.
In brief the artists illustrate the advertising campaigns
of the weapon dealers sponsoring the biennials.
Like when the press photographer is sent to make a photos of the racist president
shaking hand with dying Africans
(to illustrate that he is not a devil and you should vote for him
Or to illustrate that the UN is on a peace mission with weapons.
Illustrating gossips
illustrating fake stories
giving credibility to the propaganda machine
illustration is a slave function in itself.

The activist artist could as well be a wedding photographer
illustrating that the bride got her ring
at the right moment.
The illustrator respond to themes that are interesting
for the customer
for the sponsor.
Take care
(sponsors often have bad intentions).

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )