IMPOTENCE [fr. impotence]
In front of his sofa,
feeling a strong reaction coming,
the artist wish to express,
to give birth to an art work.
But the artist cannot rise up.
The artist is glued to his sofa.
but only maybe
the artist will find energy to reach the fridge,
to get himself and his cat
another beer
freezing cold
(if possible).
Freezing cold
To reduce the pain.
to reduce his headache.
On his sofa,
the artist projects himself in action.
The artist imagines himself as James Bond.
Or Zidane.
Or Obama.
But the artist cannot move.
Not even his small zapping finger.
The contemporary artist is a victim of impotence.
The causes are so many,
and so boring to enumerate,
as everyone knows them.
But don’t forget that it also might be caused by an overdose of trivial pursuit.
Of loneliness.
Of fake beliefs.
The impotence is also the lack of exhibition space.
The impotence is also the lack of interest.
But stop!
Emergency Room can cure this impotence!
Emergency Room can present an immediate platform.
Emergency Room can give a warm welcome.
Emergency Room can guarantee an enthusiastic audience.
And a constant criticism.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )