INDUSTRIALISATION [fr.industrialisation]

To reach an audience
and to have access to the public debate
and the public opinion;
For to be able to interfere
in a civil society
and for to gain visibility
and for to regain territories from the marketing industries;
For to have a voice
in this battle of visibility:
Emergency Room have to industrialize its activities.
Emergency Room have to apply certain machinations:
To be more efficient.
To infiltrate better.
To recruit faster.
To train stronger.
To open more platforms.
To involve more fantastic artists.
To circulate more visions.
To generate more questions.
To be everywhere all the time.
To be on the field of debate and judgement.
To be able to cover up and protect the tennis court
and to be able to deliver a smash.
To recruit one good artist
ten artists have to be approached.
To open one new Emergency Room
a hundred institutions have to be approached.
To fight apathy now one millions of tricks have to be used.
The opportunity does not arrive by itself.
One have to provoke it happen.
One has to gallop.
for to traverse the desert.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )