INTERRUPTION [fr. interruption]

Every times the exhibition stops.
The working exhibiting energy drops.
The usual ritual of having one to three month’s exhibition-time is
The exhibition should never stop.
The exhibition should be streaming, flowing.
A stopped exhibition is a dead exhibition.
It is a disaster.
The artist has to start all over.
The artist loose concentration.
The artist loose credibility for audience.
The works can no longer reflect but only jolt.
The artist is then breathing like an old car.
The artist can not be rolling.
The artist is depressed and dejected.
To stop the outrage within the artist’s heart.
If the artist starts getting into a subject
the end of the exhibition is interrupting him.
It kills his impulse.
This is why artists sometimes repeat themselves.
They cannot find moving speed.
The Emergency Room is looking for a permanent room without interruption.
A format for a never ending action.
Why should Emergency Room be interrupted?
La cadence crée l’energie.
La continuité.
C’est la trance.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )