IRONY [fr. ironie]

Before you read that and hate us
please note that we love humour
but see ironie as a very ambivalent thing.

Irony is an opinion always licking the winner side’s ass.
As such irony can not be considered an opinion.
Irony pretend to attack bad people or bad institutions
but at the same time it is flattered by the very same people or institutions.
Irony is like those people saying fuck you
and placing a smiley after their insults
to take the spike off.
The same technique is used by politicians to utter racist’s statements
and taking back what they said the day after
for not to loose votes.
The irony is always on the good side
the side that pleases them.
Irony is to sell a product that kills
stating it saves life.
Irony is a gesture or non-gesture of hate
(or maybe of shyness).
Irony is the non-opinion.
Irony is the non-act.
The opinion or the act that cannot be interpreted clearly.
Irony is flirting with hypocrisy.
Irony is arrogance and superiority.
Irony does not assist anyone in his sufferings.
You cannot be ironic with a child.
If a child has fewer you don’t start to make irony with him.
You don’t make irony with old dying people either.
Irony has no efficiency
if you want to accuse criminals
you don’t use irony - you just have to line up evidences
or troops to arrest them.
Ironie est une technique de lache.
Irony is a technique of camouflage.
A reversible uniform depending of the winners or employeurs.
Irony follows the judo of opportunism.
Ironie is evil and not effective
Nazis created orchestras for people playing the music of their death.
Irony is normally not very welcome in Emergency Room.
At least not encouraged
(we will now try to be soft
- otherwise we will probably loose every reader)
as we have noticed
that it is very unpopular to be against irony.

One could say
that there is a difference between
ironie equivoque and ironie non-equivoque.

Irony seems to have become the last refuge of art that wants to
With irony a fascist artist can say he is an humanist and the opposite.
Irony is in fact the tool of the collaborator.
With irony it is possible for the artist to turn his jacket any time
You can say: exterminate all the foreigners
And then say
sorry - of course not -
I was ironic
I didn’t mean that.
Irony is very close to sarcasm.
Irony is too much everywhere.
Together with hypocrisy western society has become experts in irony.
Irony is the enemy of authenticity.
Irony cannot have compassion.
Can you be ironic in front of a dying beggar in India?

Irony stems from personal unsatisfaction
When artists say
“my work is ironic“
It means that it doesn’t mean anything.
Irony is opposite of truth.
Irony is not humour.
Humour loves.
Irony hates.
Irony wants degradation
and humiliation.
Humour wants inclusion
and togetherness.
Irony is connected to vandalism.

Irony might come from the culture of torture films:
A victim gets tortured
but as the movie has to sell for the entire family
the torturer has to make jokes as well
(while torturing).
Everyone is laughing
It is just a film
It is ironic
It is not real torture
Of course
However it is very confusing to send one signal
and to cancel it
at the same time.
This is why we recommend
in Emergency Room
Not to use irony
as the last trick to pass a content.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )