LYING [fr. mensonge]

Contemporary artists
(to our big surprise)
can be lying!
Many do.
And many do it often.
Just like they breathe.
Without you noticing.
Artists bluff.
Artists promote.
Artists network.
Maybe in desperation to go somewhere.
Maybe anxious to be part of something.
Maybe nervous to miss a sponsored party.
Artists learn how to lie.
Artists learn how to generate strong beliefs.
Artists learn how to convince themselves
Artists learn how to convince others
About their mediocre product.
Artists learn how to pretend to be sure
And faking
And playing
And lying.
Has become a common practice.
The artist who wants to get out
will soon discover the same old tracks
will soon discover the same old tricks
The artist is trapped.
If you say to the artist that he is lying,
he will often take on the
attitude of the baker confronted with your question
if the cakes are from today?
Taking on an insulted face answers
”of course!
our products are always

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )