MINISTRY OF CRITICISM [fr. ministère de la critique]

As we live in a democracy
critics are a good thing.
Critics are requested.
MORE CRITICS is the voice of democracy.
MORE CRITICS should shout all the time.
A society that does not encourage it’s own critics
is not a democracy.
A society that encourage its people to vote
is a society begging for critics.
A democracy without critics
is a depressed democracy
is a society in a sad state.
Critics are the bronzage of democratic health.

Now, as we have all kind of ministers,
Minister of Integration,
Minister of Climate,
Minister of Welfare,
Minister of Good Atmosphere,
Minister of Propaganda,
Minister of Doping,
Minister of Non Smoking,
it is time that the democracy installs a minister of criticism.
In the ministry of criticism all critical methods will be activated.
Optimized and taught.
A minister with a department to organize and activate Emergency Rooms
all over.
A minister with a department to administer daily Critical Runs.
A minister with a department to teach criticism in schools.
The Ministry of Criticism should make critical thinking obligatory.
Like the Ministry of Health makes certain vaccinations obligatory
To make apathy disappear.
To make criticism flower.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )