MOOD [fr. humeur]

There are moods in Emergency Room.
Artist are affected by the world that surround them
but also by their own moods.
In Emergency Room
at the passage
we can feel a pre-menstrual artist
an artist more nervous
an artist that has not slept
an artist that is loosing his balance
an artist than wants to hide his laziness
an artist that network too much last night
an artist honestly affected by a dysfunction.
Moods affect the atmosphere in the Emergency Room.
During the debate there is a wave of chock.
Someone can start a conflict.
Someone can give good vibrations.
Personal feeling are influencing the entire community.
The Emergency Room is made out of human with moods.
Strange enough Emergency Room does not only depend of the outside world
but of it’s inside as well
Its participants.
Moody blues.
Maudit soit mon humeur
I am still selfish.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )