MOTIVATION [fr. motivation]
Motivation can happen suddenly.
Suddenly an apathetic or busy artist can feel interest
in using the Emergency Room.
From one day to another.
Ne fermez pas la porte.
Ils arrivent!
The scenario of this sudden transformation can look like this:
The artist’s cousin went to jail unjustly accused of terrorism.
The artist keeps observing how the media handles the matter.
The artist observes the dysfunction of the media and simply must have
his say.
The artist observes the way his neighbour react and simply must have
his say.
The artist understands suddenly the power of the propaganda machine.
Or, it could be this way:
The artist suddenly jumps up of his sofa.
Something woke him up.
A certain story moved him violently.
This artist cannot stand anymore to be a statistical entity of a target group.
This artist wants to express about the perception.
Or maybe about the injustice
Of which the artist suddenly understood the mechanism
After years of observations.

Or, it could be that the artist
sees that he can change the world.
It could be that the artist suddenly gets an urge to share.
It could be that the artist wants to create an community of opinion.
It could be that the artist suffers from loneliness.
It could also be that an artist, who suddenly becomes parent to a child
start to feel responsibility of society.
Whatever the reason, motivation is good for artistic propulsion.
Motivation throw them into the Emergency Room
while they are still
sweaty and white in their scared face.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )