OBSERVER [fr. spectateur]

The observer is any visitor in an Emergency Room.
It is of no importance if this visitor is an artist
during the passage,
an art critic,
someone seeking temporarily shelter from rain,  
an art lover,  
a bored child,  
or someone trying to avoid an
unwanted person,  
frontally approaching on the same side of the sidewalk.
An observer isn’t something you intentionally set yourself up to.
It is being caught in an experimental setting.
The observer is the unintentionally expression of the Emergency Room.
The observer is always located on the other side of the Glass and/or
If matter is invisible in civic space,
individuals are ostensibly visible.
In the experimental situation of an exhibition,
the setting is turned
the other way round.
Now the individual becomes an observer, and in this very moment becomes
If the individual, in his/her natural surroundings was on the other side
of the glass and/or screen of matter and observed
and governed by matter, the individual turned into an observer in an
exhibition space, finds matter on the other side of
the glass/screen of projected forms.
The unobserved intention of the form transforms to the unintentionally
observed of the observer.
Now the observer governs matter.
However in Emergency Room observers are activated
It is a jam.
We have only exhibitionists at the passage
No voyeurs.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )