OPINION [fr. communauté d’opinion]

Emergency Room is desperately searching for opinions.
Emergency Room is begging for the opinion of the artists.
To start formulating an opinion require
a careful observation of the subject.
But this is a dangerous territory.
It is easy to make a fool of oneself.
It is easy to make mistakes.
Opinions are a mixture of personal feelings and facts.
If opinions don’t circulate anymore
we don’t have anything to talk about.
Opinions are the breathing of our social and intellectual existence.
To present an opinion is almost like undressing.
Getting naked.
To present an opinion is almost an erotic gesture.
To present air to each other.
Two opinions produce a new opinion.
Without exchange of opinions there would be no existence.
No life.
The exhibition is alive and has to communicate opinions.
Opinions can change.
Opinions can adapt.
Opinions can switch to a contrary opinion.
Opinions can be based on prejudice.
Opinions can be contrary to prejudice.
Opinions can be private.
And opinions can be public.
Opinions are flexible and exchangeable.
Opinions are fertile.
To give an opinion should not be regarded as a sign of stupidity.
To give an opinion should not be judged upon prejudice.
Doubtful opinions should be questioned.
One could ask:
From where does the opinion come?
What are the arguments of this opinion?
Opinions are made to be questions.
Opinions are essentially questions.
If we stop presenting opinions we are dead.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )