PARANOIA [fr. paranoia]

The more we look at the dysfunctions,
the more we understand the mechanisms of dysfunctions.
The mechanisms of propaganda.
The lies.
The sadness.
The wickedness.
Looking around us is a scary thing.
It is easy to develop a paranoia.
It is easy to get depressed.
The wish to escape is understandable.
Once the artist perceive the mean mechanisms of the world.
The artist will begin to see them everywhere, all over the place.
The artist faces an abyss,
an abyss which is frightening.
Artists in front of this abyss
can easily develop symptoms
Some won’t be able to sleep anymore.
Some will be afraid to be arrested at night.
And tortured in the day.
Because they know,
They know too much.
And what they know,
Some people don’t want them to expose.
Working deeply in Emergency Room is not easy.
It is like handling grenades.
Sensitive artists should be stopped.
In time.
If they start to develop too many fears,
If they start to see too many conspirations,
If they start to see too many connections,
They should be sent away.
To smoke a cigarette in the fresh air.
They should be sent away
To swim.
They should be sent away
To their mother
(if they still have one)
They should immediately be asked
To stop digging
In the poisonous mine of dysfunctions.
The mission of the Emergency Room artists is too huge,
Because there is too much to say.
The solution is to be many Emergency Room artists!
The solution is an army of Emergency Room artists!
Emergency Room started,
Because the one who created it
Started too be too scared alone.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )