PARTY [fr. fete]

It is difficult for Emergency Room to make parties
But at the same time we are party people.
This is why we fight
because we love life
and the celebrations of life.
But the situation around us is sad.
It is difficult for Emergency Room to party.
Emergency Room does not have any victory on injustice to celebrate yet.
Parties are good to keep the community strong.
To party in a collapsing world is a dilemma
like the dilemma with the artistic ego being a good thing
and being a problem as well.

PASSAGE [fr. passage]
The passage takes place in Emergency Room at 12.30 every day.
The passage brings fresh works of today.
The passage replaces the works from yesterday.
The artists meet each other at the passage.
The passage is a kind of relay.
The story continues.
New works take over where the works of yesterday left.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )