PREJUDICE [fr. préjudice]

One could believe that art is one of the most unprejudiced areas
Rather the opposite is true.
Hypocrisy has entered in art’s own ranks.
A lot of prejudice circulate.
One prejudice is that artists cannot work fast.
Or that artists ought not to interfere with politics.
(and this is the worst):
That artist should not be interested in politics.
That politics is not within their field of competence.
This tends to reduce the artist to a disc jockey or a soup maker.
Or a foxtrot dancer.
When the artist is not reduced to a mere producer of objects.
To a decorator of flats.
To a cultural propagandist.
Or to a provo-entertainer.
Like the most dangerous prejudices
They circulate as common knowledge
and people stop to question them.
Or even think about them.
Prejudices about art circulate on the same wavelength
and with the same frequency
as the fixed notions about artistic attitudes circulate.
(being busy / activism / contemporary)
To get rid of these prejudices would seem a difficult task.
These prejudices are deeply rooted
and are not to discussion.
Prejudices are circulating in the dark waters of taboo.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )