PROMOTION [fr. promotion]

The artist of today does not exhibit anymore.
The artist of today wants to generate an interest to be re-invited.
Or invited to make promotion of the next promotion.
In another promotion-exhibition,
for which the artist wants to generate an interest,
to be re-invited.
The artist of today in the contemporary are like salesmen in fairs.
Car fairs.
Fashion fairs.
Book fairs.
Furniture fairs.
Art fairs.
The artist of today makes multi media installations.
For an audience of potential customers.
For an audience of customers already won by their cause.
The artist of today makes a demo.
A demonstration of what the artist is able to do.
A demonstration of the skills of the artist.
A demonstration of the product the artist has to sell.
A demonstration of the artists capacity to illustrate a debate.
A demonstration of the artists capacity to exemplify a theme.
The artist of today displays the production.
In the best possible way.
The exhibition act as a portfolio.
The exhibition never exists in itself.
The exhibition exists for its potential to represent.
The exhibition is an image of the next exhibition.
The exhibition is a representation of the next exhibition.
The artist is addicted to representation.
Showing a certain capacity of re-invitation.
The managers of culture and curators knows this very well.
The present consists in having a future.
Having a future is being re-invited.
Not in being present.
But in representation.
Not in invitation.
But in re-invitation.
This is probably the reason why the artist is always busy.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )