PROVOCATION [fr. provocation]

Provocateur :
“An undercover agent who incites suspected persons to partake in or commit criminal acts“
says wikipedia.
So if we understand wikipedia
the provocateur does not cure crime
or point at crimes
But he incites crimes.
Is that what we need?
Does provocation also lead us to the confrontation of criminals to their crimes?

In Emergency Room
we respect the efficiency of provocations.
But the motivations of the provocateur artist
are important for us to understand as well.
Provocation can also be juggling with a lot of icons in order to be successful.
Sometimes easy symbols and signs have to be manipulated
in order to provoque
(mainly the bigots).
You must know that in Emergency Room the use of icons
is considered as too easy
and is not very welcome
(according to the rules).
In our days provocation seems to be a positive quality
(probably because selling medias exposing them).
An extra Merit.
A mark of quality.
Provocateurs are getting media attention
by using religious symbols
killing animals
juggling with different symbols.
Every time an artist makes a provocation
the news papers remake the history of all the previous provocations.
Provocation sells newspapers
(and rise audiences)
and rise prices of advertising spaces
in the same medias.

The question is:
Is the provocation pertinent?
Which compromise does the provocation have to do to be provoking?
Is the content of the provocation important?
or is it more the receipt of it?
the trick?
the element?
that will mater?
The same provocations can loop year after year
probably made by different artists
the blasphemies with religious symbols
the naked trick
(having sex makes them even stronger)
you have the nazi stuff
you have the caca things
the pipi things

Most provocations goes into a ritual of provocation
They have a preparation.
A plateau.
An orgasm.
And the souvenir of it.

If provocations have an impact
(except to put the artist in the annals)
I don’t know.

Provocations could also be considered as a format.
They can be repeated in a cyclic way.
And every time it works.
The success of the provocation
is part of the provocation.

Provocations do not have to be intelligent.
Provocations are like pinches
Provocations can be box kicking under the belt
straight to the balls
blows below the belt
it works very well.

is provocation chevaleresque?
Maybe the provocateur fight for the pleasure of fighting
The interest for the provocation sport.
Like art only is interested in art.
Like a cannibal is interested in its own flesh.
The provocateur is interested in the fight.
The subject is more the pretext of the fight
but it could also be a fight without subject.
Does the provocateur show respect?
Does provocation go for effect?
or for impact?
Who does the provocateur really provoque?
the bigots?
the old ladies?
people suffering believing in a god?
Or can the provocation also provoque the cynical leaders?
Or do the cynical leaders just hijack the provocation
for their own cause?
Provocations may affect weak people
the bigots
their beliefs can be destroyed.
But can provocation replace what is destroyed?
Do we want to hurt the the already wounded.
Or rather judge with argument the structure of power?
What we want to know are the intentions of the provocations
Are provocations launched to get publicity?
Are they meant to cure?
Are they meant to destroy?
Are they meant to humiliate?
Are they mean to create a debate?
Are there any educational provocations?
Can love be injected in a provocation?

In Emergency Room provocations can make shadows to other art works.
Provocation can be very show-business-like.
And then they will hide other emergencies not carrying provocative elements.
Provocation can be a trick
A trap
Un piège
Un dispositif
An explosion.

Provocation is often the meeting banner of the society of spectacle.
Provocation often wants to make the author more known
that is its cause.
Is it provocation to run naked among old ladies?
Is it provocation to masturbate in public?
Is it provocation having piercing in front our parents to get attention?
Is provocation just a phase in the making of the individual?
teenager stuff
Or is it turn to the rest of the community?.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )