Quadridimensiona Journalism
 is a Journalism in 4 dimensions
Three dimensions + 1.
Quadridimensional Journalism is an art proposition
Quadridimensional-Journalism can be circulating as a new type of journalism
as well.

The Emergency Room is also Quadridimensional Journalism.
It gives experiences
and visions
and interpretations.
The Emergency Room is not only extracting
but also gives an interpretation that can affect the public opinion.
Instead of looking at flat medias
like TV
news papers
The public experience is a perception of the world                         
in a space
in three dimension (+1).
In this space all the senses are stimulated.
Including the smells
the sounds
all around
all together
But added
is an extra dimension:
the artistic dimension.
In emergency room
you are surrounded
and not facing the comments of the world.
They are all over and different at the same time.
In cohabitation.
You are not positioned in front of them
like a separate body.
Your senses and perceptions are taken all over.
The experience is coming from the front
but also from the behind.
At the same moment.
With Quadridimensional Journalism
you don’t take knowledge of only one opinion
but of all opinions at the same time.
All the opinions about today are embracing you all around.
You can also turn the way you want in the room
and decide to stay the time you want.
In Emergency Room somebody
(maybe an artist)
may jump on you
asking for your opinion
That may be integrated in an art piece
The experience is intense.

In the Quadridimensional Journalism experience
You don’t have to bother with any ads
 you won’t be disturbed by any ads
(like in the normal press where ads about air companies are next to critical stories about the melting icebergs).
It is pure injection
All the sections of journalism are experienced at once
from the weather reports
to the policy sections
Quadridimensional Journalism affects all capacities of detection.
All senses.
Even the poetic.
Flat journalism is the opposition of Quadridimensional Journalism.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )