REALITY [fr. réalité]
Reality is not truth
it is opposite.
The film industry
the medias
the advertising bureaus
are obsessed by the search for producing reality.
They want to show reality.
They want to create reality.
They want to make us be in fake bubbles.
A bubble of prefered reality.
A bubble of chosen reality.
Preferable reality.
The Emergency Room artist is flirting with reality as well.
Sometimes the Emergency Artist wants to bring reality into the Emergency Room.
We have had several cases of artists bringing homeless people into the Emergency Room
To speak about their problems
so the public can see
about the reality.
The staged reality.
The problem is that reality
(like the fake contemporary)
(the declared activism)
is abusing us and hijacking our compassion.
Staged reality could be one of the vectors of acceleration of apathy.
REFLEX [fr. reflexe]

We all need reflexes.
Even the drunk apathetic artist
Need reflexes
to survive
or to save at least their own life.
No matter what
if a car comes too fast to us
we have to be able to jump to the side
to save our life.
We hope we can do the same to save the neighborhoods kids
if it would happen.
In Emergency Room we are interested in caring reflexes
(the reflex to care about others).
Our laboratory noticed
that atrophy of the awareness muscle
can provoque an anaesthesia of the caring reflex system.

1   DICTIONARY   by Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel    ( link to portail )